BikeCo CustomMTB Suspension Rear Shock


The Bike Company offers riders everywhere the chance to enjoy world class level performance with custom spec’ed and tuned rear suspension.

Years of experience and countless single track miles allow our suspension tech’s to maximize the performance of your DW, VPP, Split Pivot, Four Bar, Etc, chassis.  Stock suspension is designed with a generic riding window –a typical rider (weight, height, experience) in typical terrain.  If your riding aspirations, physical size, or typical terrain are outside of the designer’s concept or their spec’d rear shock’s 2 to 3 factory available tune settings you aren’t maximizing your bike’s performance capacity.

BikeCo's Suspension Tech's Tracy Sledge and Joe Binatena

BikeCo’s Suspension Tech’s Tracy Sledge and Joe Binatena

BikeCo’s Joe Binatena and Tracy Sledge tune custom suspension based on rider size, chassis platform, riding aspirations, riding style, and terrain.  Tracy has worked at the pinnacle of the MTB industry for longer than most competing suspension tech’s have been able to ride on two wheels.  Joe works with the world’s fastest racers on a World Cup level.  When Joe isn’t dialing in race bikes for varied disciplines and terrain across the world he’s found developing next level MTB technology at The Bike Company in Lake Forest, CA.  BikeCo’s expert staff will walk you through a detailed questionnaire to distinguish what tune features will help you find the hidden performance in your bike setup.

BikeCo works with the most respected MTB suspension brands developing and tuning product from prototype to consumer application.  Over the past 36 months BikeCo developed front and rear suspension tunes and modifications for a wide variety of product and riding application.  BikeCo CustomMTB Suspension rear shock utilizes an existing outer chassis offering custom tuned internals from shim stacks, lubrication, rebound, compression, IFP depth, air seal technology, ramp rate, cubic air dimension, stroke length and more.

BikeCo CustomMTB Suspension’s rear shocks offer greater Downhill capacity and with a flick of the compression switch substantially stiffer XC capacity than their stock counterparts.  BikeCo’s custom lubrication and compression tune specifications allow settings from nearly full lockout to wide open.  BikeCo’s rear suspension provides performance gains on either side of the performance wedge for any frame- DH and XC!  From DH, Enduro, to All Mountain pleasure riding BikeCo’s rear suspension has proven itself on single track across the world.

BikeCo CustomMTB Suspension Prototype colorway

Prototype Graphic Colorway.  First released image!

BikeCo’s custom suspension tunes receive high praise from riders:

“What a ride!!! Best bike I have ridden by far!  The shock adjustments are awesome the recommendation kicks ass. Please tell Joe thanks!  Carl Renezeder” 27.5” Ibis SL-R

“Awesome. Bike feels bottomless.  Chris”  27.5” 160mm Ibis HD

“The fit and setup you did for me is perfect. XX1 is the shit for sure, and I am just blown away by the Ibis feel. Its perfect for my taste. You guys all did a great job and I thank you.  am just an average Joe rider, but I have been riding for 22 years and know what a good suspension setup feels like. I really liked it. Look forward to getting some more saddle time to further test it out.  Thanks again, Jake” 26” Ibis SL-R

“The bike is now a totally different beast! The bike was just incredible.  Please make sure to thank the crew at your shop.  Mike” 26” Ibis HD

“My bike feels better than anything I’ve ever ridden in my life. Thanks. Chris” 26” Santa Cruz Blur LT C

“Couldn’t be happier! The bike is great I love everything.  I love the suspension.  Phillipe” 27.5” 160mm Ibis HD

“The tuned fork and new rear shock = wow… Really did not think suspension could feel that different or get *that* much better. The way my Tallboy LTc ate up the chunk was extremely impressive.  Inspired a whole new level of confidence. Wanted to thank Joe & Tracy. You guys are an awesome crew.  Alan

P.S. The bike also seemed to get a ton more traction in corners. Not sure if that is the suspension being amazing, or my mind playing tricks!” (see ABC of Performance to see why our suspension absolutely increases traction)


ABC of Mountain Bike Performance – Acceleration, Braking, and Cornering

The suppleness of BikeCo’s rear suspension allows your bike to maximize its mechanical grip without over stressing tire capacity.  This is achieved in a variety of ways that over compressed rear shocks simply cannot match.  When rear suspension is unable to maximize small bump compliance it leads to tire skip on the trail.  Our tuned suspension keeps your rear tire connected to the dirt equating to better accelerating, braking and cornering capacity.  The ABC performance is notable whether you’re new to MTB or an old pro.  As riding skill set progresses the supple suspension offers another distinct advantage.  Compliant low speed compression with BikeCo’s CustomMTB Suspension allows your bike to maximize Body English leverage changes.  As you rotate further over the rear axle the compliant suspension squats your bike producing a slacker head tube angle resulting in stable high speed performance.  This allows the advantages of slacker head tube performance in slick or groomed high speed sections without compromising performance in chunky rolling rock descents or low to medium speed riding from a permanently over slack headtube angle.  Pair BikeCo’s supple rear suspension with a Pro Tuned fork and the performance gain will blow you away.

Whether you are building a brand new bike or looking to maximizing your existing BikeCo’s CustomMTB Suspension is a must review to help you achieve maximum performance.  Why settle for stock when you can Demand More and have handbuilt custom suspension spec’d, built, and tuned for you, your bike and your riding.  BikeCo CustomMTB Suspension – helping you achieve maximum performance and maximum enjoyment on every ride.

BikeCo CustomMTB Suspension Body

BikeCo CustomMTB Suspension offers custom stroke lengths for 27.5 (650b) conversions

BikeCo CustomMTB Suspension shocks are currently available in 8.5” and 7.875” eye to eye lengths.  We offer custom stroke tuning for a variety of sizes and applications.  If you are looking to simply add performance or require a specialized stroke tune for your 27.5” conversions BikeCo is here to help.

Contact The Bike Company at 888.697.6717 or to get the best rear shock available tuned just for you.

BikeCo CustomMTB Suspension offers a warranty comparable with other major suspension manufacturers.  BikeCo also offers wholesale rates for shops interested in offering our World Class suspension to their clientele.  Contact BikeCo for details.  See you on the trails –




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