March 13th 2013

Spring time is fully engaged.  In fact here in the Southwest we are looking at 90 degree temps in the next few days.  This only means more time to shred thanks to day light savings time.  No need for lights mounted to our helmets or bars to scurry along the beaten paths.  Now is the time to get that last over haul and clean out all of winters grease  and grim.  Because we both know you will be riding WAY too much to bother with it for the next several weeks … or even months for some of you out there.

For me I am still in training mode.  Suffering some early season injuries and not to mention tons on my plate, I have been toning things down ride wise as I get my self BACK into shape through proper training and better diet.  This means more endurance riding, more cross training, more water and less crap put into my system.  Speaking of cross training, every bike in the stable will be put to use more often rather than sticking to one for several weeks.

Now to go out for a ride … talk to you soon!

March 5th 2013

enduro |enˈd(y)oŏrō|noun

( pl. -os)

a long-distance race, esp. for motor vehicles, motorcycles, or bicycles, typically over rough terrain, designed to test endurance.ORIGIN 1950s: from endurance + the informal suffix -o .


 Enduro is going to be the big term you hear through out the year.  Not only here but pretty much all of the media outlets and anywhere you go in the mountain bike scene.  The race structure is long and challenging.  It combines the best of downhill and XC racing into one.  You are not going to be a DH racer and win this, nor are you going to be an XC master and win.  You will be required to be an all around rider that an accomplish both disciplines well.  I just recently competed in my first enduro race.  It was held at Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, NV just outside of Las Vegas.  Bootleg is known for its unforgiving terrain and sharp rocks.  We even built a bike to handle the specific demands of Enduro racing with our Project AM/Enduro – seen HERE.   My first race was done with a damaged shoulder from a recent crash during a DH race in Fontana.  I struggled on the climbs as well as some of the more technical descents.  But I made it through.  I will be competing in some other events soon, and rest assured I will make sure I am 100% healed before I do.Project_AM:Enduro_Complete_Morewood_Sukuma

Enduro racing and Super D are taking a strong foothold in the racing scene.  A strong presence on the west coast with series in both the north and south.  This is also a discipline that more riders can participate in.  Without the intimidation of full on DH or the insane endurance of full bore XC races, it still adds the element of adrenaline while challenging you to be at peak performance.  I plan on talking more about this form of racing throughout the year.  Participating in events and getting to improve skills that are outside of my normal everyday bicycle box.

I am pretty stoked on the future of racing.  It is a new and exciting adventure and I hope it brings more new friends as well as new skills.  I hope you can join me on the journey.

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