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Division 26 is a progressive garment company that has shirts, hats, jerseys and accessories aimed at action sports athletes.  They have a huge following in the MTN scene and with riders like Visser and Fogelquist  shredding for them its easy to see why.  I sat down and talked to Dale at Division 26 last week and dug a little deeper into the Division 26 engine….

1 – Where did D26 get its start?

I saw a need in the MTB community for a casual brand that represented the people who were pushing the envelope and made others rethink what MTB could be in every sense of the word. It seemed to me at the time, that MTB clothing was either a derivative of road biking for the XC set or trickled down Moto gear for the more aggressive riders. I didn’t and still don’t feel like either look does a great job of expressing MTB’ers individual style. I wanted clothes that you could wear on the bike and off. Having grown up Skating and Snowboarding it was just natural to bring some of that flavor into what we do.

2 – What sports does d26 support?

We are in Southern CA and there’s such a blurring of the lines here. Most of my friends do a lot of different sports. We respect action sports and support riders from MTB, BMX, Skate, Snow and Moto. We support the stuff we love and the riders who love us. We have a really strong pro team with guys like Jack Fogelquist, James Visser, Dillon Lemar and a grassroots Street Crew that reaches over 4000 athletes.

3 – Whats YOUR story behind “force the future, honor the past”?

I’ll try not to get to Tao on you, but It simply means to push outside yourself, force what is just below the surface to rise up and claim the future, never give up and never forget who came before you.

In essence it means if you have a vision of doing things in your personal life, your job or your sport then get out and make it happen. Part of making it happen is respecting the people before you. To learn and recognize the things they did to help start the path to your own destination. Damn there I go getting all philosophical!

4 – So you support a lot of different sports…which ones do YOU (Dale) personally do or participate in?

I grew up in action sports racing BMX early on as a teen. My business partner Adam Wester and I had the best half pipe in town and I spent every waking moment skating. Since I grew up in SLC, UT when the snow fell I took my passion to the Mountains and had short stint as a sponsored snowboarder in the early 90’s. After over 10 years of Playing bass in bands and being on tour, I needed to reconnect with my roots in action sports and find a way to escape Lipstick city (Hollywood, CA) so I became obsessive about MTB’ing and have been for the past 6 years.

5 – You have recently expanded into women’s clothing, how is that rolling?

Women’s wear is tough! Its hard designing for a woman if you’re a man, but I think we’ve done pretty well dipping our toes in the water. We began doing women’s clothing because women kept asking us at events to make something they could wear and show their involvement in action sports and support of the people they love who do them. The feedback has been real positive so far. Hopefully we will expand those offerings in the future.

6 – You have some awesome artwork, who’s responsible for the sick designs?

It’s a group effort between my partner and Artistic Director Adam Wester and me. We bounce ideas back and forth and he’s the one who really brings them to life. Adam’s really great at what he does and has helped us really grow in that area, from my initial 4 designs that we started with in 2006.

7 – Have you thought about a design contest?

Yes! There’s lots of great artists out there with amazing ideas and it’s always good to have people lend their voice to mix. We don’t have anything planned now but maybe in the future.

9 – Left foot or right foot forward?

Left foot forward! Weird thing is I skate and snowboard Goofy foot!

10 – 4X or Dual slalom?

I have raced 4x and love it for sure, but dual slalom is so fun! Too bad there’s not more places to do it.

11 – What can we expect from d26 next!?

We’re working hard on growing the brand at the retail level. We’ve reached a ton of athletes and fans of the brand through our Street Crew program so it’s just a natural progression for us as a company to take it to your favorite shop. In addition were always looking to expand our line if it’s something we feel we can make really well and put our stamp on it. No doubt we are working hard and I hope it shows!

Well Dale thanks for taking to time to chill with and we look forward to “Forcing the Future” with you and “Honoring the past”!

To check out Division 26’s gear and grab some for yourself check out their website…..

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