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The last several months has been full of developments for DVO Suspension.  The latest news is their website is up and running.  They have opened up and really let us in to do what any other company has not done – include the public on a level not seen before.  With a philosophy  that you can have the best product in the world but if your user does not know how to use it correctly, then it doesn’t make much of a difference.  So educating the consumer, be it general rider or racer, is key in them getting the most out of their suspension.

Born on a printer, yes a 3d Printer will help them minimize time and maximize production.  Here a dropout for their new inverted DH fork fresh from the printer.

Now that same dropout mated to its stanchions for fit testing and alignment.  Behold the future.

DVO Suspension has committed to having online tutorials and updated videos and lessons on suspension.  This alone will set the brand apart from all others out there, and is a smart move as suspension can be a mystery to those new to the sport or even moving from one brand to another.  In the video below you can see some pretty special things going on.  We had a chat at Interbike of some of the new stuff to come.  All I can say is this is your warning that the suspension world is about to change …. in a BIG and AWESOME way!


As things develop over the next few months be sure to watch this site for breaking news and information regarding DVO Suspension.

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