Eliminating Fox 5 Piece Hardware Click

BikeCo.com’s @JoeBinatena walks through eliminating clicks in the modern Fox 5 piece hardware.
(Joe apologizes for his voice — he left it on the plane back from France working with Lapierre earlier this month!)
The new Fox 5 piece hardware is designed to provide significantly longer lifespan than the previous DU system. What riders may face is compound tolerance issues that result in a touch of play or click through the system. Joe walks riders through how BikeCo addresses loose fitting hardware interface.
The new 5 piece hardware will work in a variety of suspension components — and it’s decreased friction co-efficient and increased longevity make it a great upgrade to many systems.
Check out the video and see how easy it is to tune the compression fit on this system, how to properly grease the system – essentially how to get the most out of your Fox 5 piece system.
See you on the trails — Nate@BikeCo.com




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