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We would like to introduce a new exciting company called LineCam.  We have been fortunate to watch this project from as early as a napkin drawing, all the way up to the finished product.  Now you can finally get one for yourself.  But what exactly is LineCam and what does it have to do with bikes?  To put it simply, LineCam is  remote controlled camera carriage hung by a length of high quality cable.  Built and designed by a budding cyclist and videographer, Nick Braun and his team of engineers.   Video and photography has been a huge part of cycling over the last decade.  Bringing this exposure to main stream events like the Red Bull Rampage, Crankworks, ABA Grands and most any event you can think of helps propel the sport in new and exciting directions.  You have no doubt seen the footage from the GoPro Hero 3 commercial, some of the shots utilized the LineCam.   If your into biking and want to get epic riding shots, this may be your answer.



You have seen during televised sporting events from football, baseball, soccer and nearly 90% of the Olympic games some sort of moving camera footage as the camera follows along with the action.  Many of these shots are made with either elaborate jibs and cranes, or with some sort of cable cam system.  Unfortunately many are heavy, cumbersome and rather labor intensive to set up.  LineCam’s goal was to make something  which allowed you to not only carry in a small compact box, but also fast and easy to set up.  With additional add ons you can even pan and tilt your camera on the fly, ensuring you get the most action you can.   The made in the USA line starts off the the FLOW unit.  Fully motorized to take you back and forth across the line at speeds up to 60MPH depending on your set up.


Line Cam also has gravity fed options allowing you to start on a smaller budget.  These units are not motorized and simply move as implied, by gravity alone.  However with the Glide Lite, you could put this into a larger hydration pack along with needed line and a GoPro or two.  Making these types of shots anywhere much easier.  In its simplest form the Glide Lite has some options in the works to allow many upgrades over a home brewed unit.  Motors, pan and tilt, gyros and much more make this the entry level system to get if your shooting with small cameras.


Stepping things up is the Glide system which adds a few upgrades over the Lite version.  The CheesePlate is the most notable, giving you more options for camera mounting and other future upgrades.   Capable of carrying 20 pounds of gear, these are solid stout units that are built to very high standards.  While both the gravity fed Glide units look like basic carriages, there is a lot more than meets the eye.  Both units offer the ClickIt cam lock to keep you unit on the line, and operates in fast action.  The wheels are precision units on quality bearings and sized to keep video fluid and smooth.


LineCam has opened up a KickStarter program where you can be one of the first to get one of these units or just support the cause.  Click the KickStarter logo below or this link  <HERE>  to be guided to their Kickstarter page for more information and details on how to get involved with LineCam.

You can also follow them on FaceBook – <HERE>


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