Fox DOSS Seatpost Extended Test Ride

Fox Doss adjustable seatpost

Fox DOSS adjustable seatpost

I enjoy riding mountain bikes to clear my head and enjoy the ever varying features of the trail.   The less I am focused on my bike’s performance the more pleasurable my ride experience is.  I have a component featured on my build which I never think about.  That is to say it doesn’t slip, creak, come out of adjustment, or operate moodily – it works and works well.  The Fox DOSS offers features of a perfect component.

I was drawn to the Fox DOSS on my personal bike for a singular reason.  Function.  Previous to the DOSS I have only had 1 post failure riding adjustable posts.  Obliging Murphy’s Law the failure was on a severe weather day on an extended ride.  The post’s cartridge system would neither stay up or down providing the most annoying scenario I could conjure.  A few months after that experience Fox introduced the DOSS system and it immediately caught my eye.

To oversimplify the system think of the DOSS’s mechanical system like a race car’s detachable steering wheel.  The mechanical lock system allows the post to function as a rigid even if the adjustable system were to have an issue.  The Fox DOSS suffers neither the incredible lateral slop nor the vertical slipping wood clamp locking system of mechanical adjustable post competitors.

The DOSS features 3 riding positions Climb, Trail and Descend.   The middle Trail position is 40mm lower than full extension on both the 125 and 100mm posts.  The 40mm drop is well thought out – low enough to easily maneuver while tall enough to pedal without excessive strain.  The three setting post initially gave me wonder if I was giving up performance but I quickly found the three settings covered all of my riding needs.

Fox DOSS Saddle Position

Climb, Trail and Descend. 125mm of travel total – Trail is 40mm below Climb.

The Fox remote utilizes long arms to provide leverage engaging the post release system.   With four stock mounting options – above or below the bar – left or right hand actuation – riders are able to fine tune positions.  BikeCo’s staff developed custom remote setups depending on taste.  From trimming the longer lever to bonding them together (which eliminates the automatic “trail” set) we have worked to fit the remote based on derailleur and brake setup.  With a side mount release cable routing is easy and clean.

Fox DOSS remote

Fox DOSS remote – perfect for 1x systems

DOSS’ saddle mount features infinite adjustment utilizing front and rear bolts that angle rails up and down.  While this sounds minor, in fact saddle fit is critical to ride enjoyment.  Posts dependent on slot interface inevitably fit just between your desired setup.  Or perhaps because they do not offer infinite adjustment I convince myself that neither setting feels right.  I prefer the ability to micro adjust (or at least know I have the capacity to).  The DOSS saddle rail mount won’t rock fore or aft while riding.  When testing adjustable posts with the radial side mounts I constantly fought the saddle slipping into an impossible position.  I found that once the saddle slipped with the radial mounts I would have to knock them all the way off to re-angle my saddle.  Nothing says fun like wasting 10 minutes messing with your saddle between drops.

The DOSS post’s return speed is controlled by an easily access air pressure valve.  In the 7 months I have run the post I have not had to recharge the air system.  It suffers neither from ultra slow return nor head turning “crotch-cannon” speed notorious to other mechanical posts.

So back to its on trail performance– it WORKS.  Every ride, every time.  7 months of rides through hot, cold, dry, wet, mud, muck.  No issues.  There is no higher compliment I can give the post, period.

BikeCo has several riders running the Fox DOSS.  All riders appreciated the functionality of the post.  When mounted on a 1x bike the remote performance is absolutely maximized.  The length of the remote is the number one topic of conversation during installation.  Without a shifter there is no ergonomic  compromise.  Most riders of 1X systems will tell you they don’t want the hassle of a front derailleur or shifter – no time for another thing to go wrong.  The Fox DOSS adjustable seatpost fits this personality to a T.  No hassle, no failures, no problem.

See you on the trails –

Fox DOSS Ibis HD




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