27.5″ Ibis HDR – 153mm & 147mm travel options from @thebikecompany BikeCo.com

BikeCo.com has developed sought after travel options for 27.5" Ibis HDR riders - 147mm & 153mm

BikeCo.com has developed sought after travel options for 27.5″ Ibis HDR riders – 147mm & 153mm

Ibis HDR: 2 Limbo Chips, 5 travel settings, Multiple Personality!
130mm 27.5”, 147mm Long Shock 27.5”, 147mm Short Shock 27.5”, 153mm 27.5”, & 160mm 26”

Countless threads are winding around the internet touching on the new DW link Ibis HDR’s stock travel configuration.  Ibis Cycles offers the frame 160mm with 26” limbo chips and 130mm with 27.5” limbo chips and they have been questioned especially on the 130mm configuration.   While it is absolutely true that DW bikes ride larger than other suspension systems millimeter for millimeter many riders simply aren’t comfortable dreaming of their next enduro slayer listing low travel.

The Bike Company’s commitment to product development stretches back all the way to its 1999 origin.  We have raced as Works factory supported teams, run development teams for the most renowned MTB bike manufacturers,  created product in house and licensed, developed product with some of the best minds in the industry, raced with the world’s fastest on UCI World Cup level, and we continue to advance in all of these fields.  One of the facets of BikeCo.com’s business plan that separates us from leaders in other cutting edge industries is our commitment to bring the very best performance directly to the consumer.  Unlike the automotive or motorcycle racing industry MTB riders can purchase custom built product superior to that which contractually committed pro riders are offered.

Ask BikeCo rider Jon Collins who travels the west coast racing Enduro and Endurance.  “With my BikeCo rear suspension and Pro Tune forks I draw a lot of attention before and after an event from racers and industry guys.  Even more attention when Joe (Binatena, BikeCo owner) travels with me.  I have more ‘off the record’ compliments from pros and product developers about the BikeCo Suspension I run whether it’s on the Santa Cruz, Ibis or Yeti I have raced this year.”

So back to the latest release from Ibis the HDR.  The Bike Company has developed 3 additional 27.5” (650b) travel sizes utilizing our expertise in suspension and geometry.

27.5” HDR 147mm Short Shock and 147mm Long Shock options offer two shocks and two personalities.  BikeCo’s 147mm modifications will raise the bottom bracket height only approx .2”.  .2” gets you 17mm more travel – and refined travel at that.

27.5” HDR 153mm option provides even more travel – however it will raise the bottom bracket more than the 147mm options.  Still we build these consistently.  Riders who enjoy the fast handling of a slightly taller bottom bracket and rider’s who frequent large, loose rock terrain (think about trails that parallel river routes) love the additional clearance.

How do we do it?  Well – just like a great chef who has a secret recipe the exact details are proprietary.  Want to know more about it?  Contact the experts at The Bike Company – 949.470.1099 or Sales@BikeCo.com.  Are you a retailer interested in increasing the viability of the HDR platform in your shop?  We offer wholesale pricing to interested shops.

BikeCo’s custom 27.5” HD’s have been turning heads and ripping trails for years now.  We have applied the years of expertise to the newest Ibis offering and been amazed with what we’ve seen.  When it’s time to spec the dream rig don’t limit yourself to two.  Demand More and consider the additional 3 travel options that The Bike Company brings to the Ibis HDR platform.

See you on the trails – Nate@BikeCo.com



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