Interbike Day 2


Black Market Bikes is finally ready for the Roam to hit the dirt.

This has got to be one of the most versatile bikes out there.  The same frame is capable of running 26” , 27.5” (650b) and 29” wheels with just a simple change of dropouts and shock shuttle.  With 6.3” or 4.3” of travel depending on the configuration.  Geo is also adjustable with the split head tube making angle adjust headsets easier.  Of course you need to supply the shock, wheels and forks.

Within a few minutes you can go from one wheel size to another.  Here owner Carter Holland shows off the 27.5” and 29” set ups.

Also long on the waiting list has been the Profile Elite crank set…due to hit shelves in the next month or so.  Stronger and lighter is the name of the game.

Something that plagues all spline drive cranks is working on them.  Many times removing a crank arm involved a hammer.  Not anymore, their new system looks to remedy that with a wedge system and some refinements to the interface between the arm and spindle.  Once the bolt is removed the crank arm should slide right off.

Kuat introduced the Bottle Lock last year.  This year they showed us the new LINK.  The heavy duty version meant to stop more aggressive thieves.

Kuat also showed us the new Vegabond X.  The more robust version of the original Vegabond with some added features.


David Meredith of One Ghost Industries was cruising the show all week with a few of his bikes, here is the new Musashi DH1 we recently featured.

…..and here is the new Long Bow – his all mountain/super D slayer.

Allison was NOT about to give this bike back.  Even with no pedals, flip flops and  a beer in her hand she was not so easily caught.

For once I sneak into a picture, thats me on the far right with my GIT shirt.  David has a good crew with him and those that ride his bikes love them.  I am just not sure who that clown is on the far left.  Always somebody sneaking in the pics.

5Ten was showing us their new kicks.  The flat sole is the same sticky Stealth rubber they use in all their shoes, only this design is to make it easier to adjust your foot on the pedal.  We hope to let you know if it works as claimed.

BOX Components is ahead of the game and it looks like they have some stellar concepts coming to production.  Like the new 31.8 bars and stem.  With the larger diameter bars, they are intended to be stiffer and stronger.  The larger clamper surface of the combo also resists rotational forces both for and aft.  Meet the future of BMX – something I think is a long time coming – Thanks BOX for stepping to the plate.

What you dont see here is the PF BB 30 bottom bracket.  Something that road and MTB has used for a few years now and had great success with.  The larger bearings and shell make a smart choice for BMX.




  1. Would love some higher resolution pictures of the Blk Mrkt Roam, but your contact form won’t let me send an email.


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