Interbike Day 3


What is a big event without some crazy mascot?  Seems Chewbacca’s son made it to the show.  Rumor was he was spinning beats as he DJ’d at one of the Vegas clubs one night.  Too bad we missed that.

 Minnar was spotted next to his bike, which was still clad in dirt left over from his last race…  Minnar is one of the most humble racers I have ever met.

DSP Suspension borrowed our very own Project DH to showcase their Dueler Ti coiled shock and Big Horn remote seatpost.

The DSP Dueler looks right at home on the Musashi.

Complete Profile Elite set up.  Cranks, spline drive spider and Elite sproket.

The coveted Thompson dropper post was just the work of art we expected from the company that has made art its middle name.

The Thompson dropper post had a clean lever design and should be a top choice among the dropper post crowd.

Feedback Sports showed us all the features of their simple Sprint stand.

Precision components had on hand a grip of axle configurations for their Stealth hubs.

Zero lag, because there is instant engagement in this clutch operated driver.  It is also silent, good for sneaking up on unsuspecting trail poachers.

Surly had some wooden rollers for those that had the balance to master them.  They were always busy with a line waiting to ride them.

Spank Spikes ….. some very clean pedals.

Spank on one side and OOZY on the other …. 

We are always fans of shiny lightweight goodies ….. and Spank was glad to full fill that bill.

… and we have to admit that the Spike stem is one of their sexiest parts they make.

While not MTB or BMX, this cruiser from B4 was quite a piece of work.  The front hub is an electric driven motor with power supplied by the large battery in the center of the frame.

This bike would look great at any hot rod show.

I was sworn to secrecy, but this 24” twin top tube bike was on display in a secret location.

This will hopefully make our shop floor as our play bike.

SE has evolved over the years but the PK Ripper and Landing Gear heritage still graces this awesome rig build to go fast on the track.

… and if that is not enough, every old school guy could relive is childhood.  Complete with a looptail Floval Flyer spec’d with mags and traditional padset among other old school cues.

… and if that is not enough you could always go for the 29” BIG RIPPER!!!

Check out these new DH forks from White Brothers…

… made for the 20” wheeled ripper for your little shredder.

MRP made some great refinements to their guides, with carbon being one of them.

Only 2 bolts are loosened to open the guide up fully to make working on the drive train much easier.

If you are looking for bash protection and an upper guide for your 1x drive train, they had you covered there too.

Tyler of Twenty6 always as very functional art for your bike.  The bling in his hand steps it up another level.

Twenty6’s new stem was not only light, but stunning as well.

Want some candy kid …. Twenty6 pedals of shiny colors that make you salivate.

Renovo had this awesome wooden beach cruiser that featured a handful of hardwoods in beautiful craftmanship.

Risse is usually known for suspension, but had this iPhone holder to show us.

Risse also had a rather intricate suspension bike in their booth with lots of CNC work as part of the main frame.

Kali Protection had some helmets that the kids will love to wear.

Foes newFX2 29er was a stunner.

Freestyle hall of fame wall … this was from my era.

The very frame that Matt Hoffman rode with its powerful motor that propelled him above his own MEGA ramp.

Looks like Chewbacca wasn’t able to save C3PO afterall.  He has been reincarnated into the ultimate freestyle machine – Redline RL20ii. 


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