Kevin Aiello Bootleg Race Review

aiello_riding_3 Pro Racer Kevin Aiello gave us a quick wrap up on his latest podium at last weekend’s Bootleg Nevada State DH Championships.  Kevin and his team work with and his other sponsors to help find every bit of performance that products can have squeezed out of them.  Keep an eye on the race track this season to see what’s coming next from your favorite manufacturers.

All photos poached from the race’s facebook…comment for photo credit if you took them!

The KHS team brought out the new 27.5/650b DH prototypes to Bootleg.  What features of the course were highlighted by the larger diameter wheel?
We arrived early Friday morning to put some time on our new prototype DH650’s and get them dialed in.  I feel like the rolling speed out of corners and late braking were really highlighted out at Bootleg.


What tires did you race on the notoriously sharp Boulder City trails?  What advantages were you looking to maximize?
For Super D I ran 2.4 Maxxis Ardents and for DH I ran prototype 2.4 Maxxis High Roller II. The most noticeable gain for me was rolling speed. I feel my main focus now is braking points because this bike gets up to speed so fast.

The event is known for being cardio heavy.  What was a standard run time?
A standard run time was in the mid 9 minute range. I think I ran a low 9. I’d say I was really on the gas only the last minute of my run. I’ve had a hard time in the past with long Super D runs so I’m trying to work on my pace throughout the run.


You took first in the super D event by a pretty serious margin – what about the course fit your particular riding style so well?
I think the dry loose terrain suited my style of riding. I was also on a prototype KHS All Mountain bike that felt pretty damn sweet on track.



Photo by MBS

Trying to gain every little bit of time you took a pretty good spill on Saturday during the seeding runs.  Having a get off like that is hard on everyone – how does it affect your preparation both physically and mentally for race day?
I dropped into my run feeling great until about half way down the race track.  I tried grabbing a couple pedals out of a turn and clipped my pedal on a rock.  This sent me cart wheeling off a ledge into some nasty terrain. Luckily I walked out with just cuts and bruises.  I had a pretty sore thigh and knee the next day so it kind of felt like riding with a Charlie horse all day. It definitely was in my head a bit before the race but I just had to take some time to open up throughout my run and get up to speed and comfortable.



Photo by MBS

How did the race day run go down for you?
I woke up early Sunday morning stiff as a board from my crash.  After spending most of the morning trying to loosen up I headed up for my downhill final.  I started my run off very hesitant and stiff but seemed to relax and open up about half way down the track. I crossed the line taking the hot seat early and holding it until the last rider crossed and bested my time.  Overall I was happy to put in a solid effort and see some results. I’m really looking forward to ramping up my racing and training over the next few months and continue to hit the podium. I would like to thank the following sponsors for their continued support including KHS Bicycles, T.H.E. Helmets, HT Pedals, Spy Optic, Five Ten Shoes,, Maxxis Tires,  Shimano Components, csixx guides, Velo seats, KMC Chains, Twenty6 products



  1. Looks like 2013 belongs to KA … watch out guys!!

  2. Kevin was on FIRE this weekend, Absolute BEAST!

  3. Nice writeup on Aiello. Could be some fierce competition for this season.

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