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Look S-Track Pedal

LOOK S-Track Pedals

The new LOOK mountain pedals have found quite the home among BikeCo’s staff.  From Cross Country to All Mountain the LOOK S-Track pedals’ performance was put to the test and came back with glowing reviews.

Don’t let the simple appearance fool you – the more I rode the LOOK pedals the more I was impressed with the level of performance from the Spartan design.

The retention system is predictable and confident.  Our lightest test rider Kara noted occasional issues clipping in when new – but as the cleats wore in a slightly she had less and less hang up.  Kara noted she was able to unclip confidently even with new cleats which was a concern based on the snug entry.   While noting the entry had a distinct feel none of our heavier riders had issues on pedal entry.  Kara was harassed while we pondered if it was lack of strength or leverage from short legs that kept her from initially clipping in – her response was she was “so light she floated on them”… Touché.

Bearing and Axle strength were both thoroughly tested as well.  BikeCo’s Joe Binatena is notably hard on pedal systems and was significantly impressed with the quality on all of the LOOK models.  Joe’s look pedals bear witness to the abuse from local enduro type rides as well as chair lift assisted drops.   Joe ran the S-Track pedals with and without the cage system while in Whistler for Crankworx.

“When I travel I bring a couple pairs of pedals just in case.  In Whistler I had several rock strikes where I was SURE I was headed to the truck for new one but the LOOK’s held up.  I’m still on my first set.  Straight axles, straight springs, no rebuilds, no hassles.  I put them on and rode which is a great compliment.”  Joe continued “I ran the cages for a day to see what they were all about.  With my Vittoria Rock carbon sole shoes I have plenty of stiffness to run the standard pedal.  So I ran it naked to see how it would hold up to the abuse and I was very impressed.”

Look S-Track with Cage

For my riding I utilized the cages nearly exclusively.  I run softer sole shoes for the occasional hike out and the extra surface area eliminates foot and calf pain.  I found the pedals to be very predictable which is what I want from them.  Distinct clip in and clip out provide confidence in the chunky stuff.  It drives me nuts when I suddenly have a foot swinging through the air.  I had the predictable wear scars on the composite cages with rock strikes but nothing out of the ordinary.  Initially the simplicity of the split design and 4 screws made me nervous – but the longer I rode the pedals and the more I thought about them it makes a lot of sense.  Quick on, Quick off.  Available as aftermarket parts.  I would go as far as to say I would remove them if I was running a more XC style shoe now and then too.  Given the level of abuse these were able to take I wouldn’t plan on replacing them often.

The composite spring guards work exactly as designed – taking the abuse and protecting the spring assemblies.  What is such a seemingly simple concept has not always been effectively built into pedal systems.  Ask anyone who has smashed a spring how annoying it is to fight with that the rest of a ride… Without their protective shape I am sure I would have killed the retention system but the LOOK S-Track pedal body took the abuse without complaint.

Look S-Track Pedal on Lapierre XR929

My only complaint is actually beyond frivolous – but here it is.  Without the composite body the LOOK S-Track pedals were amazingly uncomfortable riding in sandals.  I warned you it was beyond frivolous!  I was tuning my bike tearing through the neighborhood and couldn’t believe how uncomfortable my feet were.  Apparently I will not be doing any hippy rides with these pedals.  I actually went back and tried a variety of shoes to see if there were any that replicated the pain – no riding shoe came close.  Even my flat Five Ten shoes felt ok – sandals no…

Are you in the market for new pedals without knowing it?  Do you suffer calf pain in descents?  Are you having knee, hip, ankle or foot pain consistently?  Do you find yourself unclipped without unclipping?  Are you rebuilding your pedals more than you should?  None of these are good signs.  Talk to your resource about getting the most out of your pedals.  As one of three items that connect you to the bike your pedal interface deserves more thought than which color matches your frame.  Take some time and LOOK around – you may be surprised with what you find.

See you on the trails – Nate@BikeCo.com

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