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Driven by performance, cyclist are required to hydrate often.  Last winter we reviewed Fluid Recovery drink.  This year we look into the companies latest product – Fluid Performance.  Fluid recognized the need for athletes to not only refuel and replenish after intense exercise with their Fluid Recovery drink, but also as they perform.  Cycling, considered an endurance sport by many, requires proper nutrition and hydration to perform at peak levels.  Over the last few months we have been training exclusively with Fluid products, both during and post ride recovery.

Fluid says “During:  Whether you are running, biking, or moving your body in any way, proper nutrition during exercise is the cornerstone for maintaining your efforts.  Carbohydrates are the preferred source of energy for the body during exercise.  With sustained efforts, muscles will take in carbohydrates welcomingly, and thus carbohydrates should provide immediate energy and also sustained energy.  Electrolytes are also essential to make up for the minerals lost in sweat and to help prevent cramping during exercise.  What about all the other ingredients that companies tend to throw into their product?  While there are some studies that may suggest benefits from additives such as Beta Alanine and Carnosine, usually products that emphasize these ingredients are less effective.  Many companies push the philosophy of “more is better”, but in reality, you (and your body) will see that “less is more” and that a clean and efficient product will work great.  Ingredients like Sodium Citrate act as a natural buffer to help minimize the lactic acid that builds up in your muscles, thus allowing you to train harder and break through those training barriers.  Last, but certainly not least is the taste and physical components of the drink and how your stomach will handle it while you are in the middle of your next workout.  Your stomach will thank you for a light, crisp taste and and low sugar beverage in the middle of sustained efforts.  This means no watered down drinks while also giving you the exact nutrients your body seeks.”

Simply feeding your body is not good enough.  You need to feed it the proper nutrients at the proper time.  For competing athletes this is even more important.  But even if you are an average everyday Joe, that goes for an occasional ride, you are just as if not more than in need of proper fueling.  Having proper fueling and maintenance during your exercise helps speed recovery.  This also helps fight the mid ride bonk.  Performance has NO artificial ingredients, colors or flavors.  It is also free of Gluten and Dairy Protein.  So those choosing stricter diets will have something MUCH better than water on long rides.

So how did the Fluid Performance Drink ……well perform?

Well lets start by saying it was much easier to mix than other powdered type drinks, even the Fluid Recovery as well.  We found the Fluid Recovery, although it mixed well, took some time for it to dissolve all the way.  If you were a mix and drink guy you were getting small granules not mixed in fully.  It was best about an hour after mixing, when it was fully absorbed.  The Fluid Performance Drink on the otherhand, was ready right away and was always a pleasure to drink.  Fluid Performance comes in three flavors, Passion Fruit Tea, Raspberry Lemonade, and Blueberry Pomegranate.  All of which tasted great.  It was actually hard to choose which was best.  On the bike Fluid Performance has been the easiest product to drink.  Very easy on the stomach and not overly sweet, chalky or harsh.  In fact when we ran out, we were bummed to only have water on hand in our hydration packs.  Which brings me to another topic.  I am not much of a fan of putting anything other than water in my pack.  It makes it hard to clean or can stain the bladder and hose.  Or if the product has a hard time dissolving, granules can get caught in the mouth piece causing it to leak.  However the Fluid Performance mixed so well and was light in color, I gave it a shot.  I must say it will be hard to put water back in the pack without Fluid Performance.

Fluid claims using Performance when used consistently during training & competition, its unique formula helps the body sustain energy levels, avoid cramping, buffer lactic acid, & maintain hydration.  After using Performance for the last 4 months we can confirm these claims.  During the testing period I chose to use the product for 2 months to let my body adjust fully, then stopped for about a month and finished off the remaining product in the 4th month.  This gave me a good baseline to see how it helped me.  Not being a scientist, I can only give you an opinion from a cyclists point of view and real world tests related to cycling.  Being an easier product to consume, I never felt bloated nor weighed down by the product.  In combination with Fluid Recovery (which I have been using for the last year), recovery times were shorter and shorter.  Fluid Performance is hands down the best product to use during exercise.  Following it up with Fluid Recovery only makes it that much better!

To top things off, Fluid Performance is only $22.95  in 30 serving tub form.  That equates to $0.76 per serving!  If your looking to add some flavor to your water, and still get all the benefits Fluid Performance gives you…..this is the product you should be using.

For more information on Fluid Performance and Fluid Recovery visit their site at

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  1. Solid review, I've been using the new Fluid drink for a few months now and love it! Never too sweet, and tastes way better than other low sugar options. Like that the Passion Fruit Tea flavor has caffeine option as well. 

  2. Good point about the Passion Fruit Tea with the caffeine.  We also use it for our daughters softball.  Much less fatigue when using this.  And unlike products like Gatorade or Powerade, its VERY easy on the stomach.  I have been using the Recovery for over a year and a half now,  and added the Performance line about 4 months ago.  Awesome stuff!

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