Product Review: WoMo Designs Accessory Mount – The Smartest Strongest Design Yet!!

IMG_9246Let’s face it, we love our Action Cameras and Garmin devices.  But sometimes we need a better than stock mounting option.  WoMo Designs has answered with a clean and simple unit that is not only stout, but lets you mount more than one device.  Be it a GoPro, cycling computer, GPS or a light you can have one of the most secure mounts on the market.  We have been playing with the WoMo mounts for several weeks now and utilizing the many different options and configurations.  It goes without saying that many of the plastic mounts just don’t hold up under long extended use under heavy riding.  Eventually they start to fade in performance and either become brittle or stretch  beyond practical usability.  WoMo’s solid full aircraft grade aluminum design not only should last a lifetime, but also stay put where it belongs.  Making reading your computer or GPS easier, keeping your light where it needs to be, or making sure your video is shot in the intended perspective.  With its dual clamps and sturdy design it also holds quite a bit more weight than other mounts, which allows you to run more than one device without any issues.



Special consideration and thought has gone into this mount.  The WoMo unit allows you to install the unit in three basic locations based on your preference.  Either as shown with the bar clamps on top allowing for a sleeker lower profile while keeping your devices front and center. With the bar clamps on the bottom it brings everything up and out of the way of cables (if your one of those riders with every known cable actuated device on your bike like remote seat posts, fork, shock or other devices), which also makes things a bit easier to read. Or back behind the stem for that compact look.



There are several mounts available to hold many different brand products on the market.  Made out of a sturdy thermoplastic, they seem to not only hold up significantly better than factory units from nearly any device, they should last much much longer.  For the most part everything is sold alacart at the moment.  You can purchase either the mount alone, or with one mount of your choice.  Then you can add on other mounts as you need or desire.  Several device specific mounts are available as well as a 1/4 x 20 universal mount.  The whole concept allows you to just get the mounts you need and change them as needed.  Lets say you want to film your ride at night?  Simple get the light and GoPro mounts and adjust your settings on your camera for a new ride experience.  Or you want to use your Garmin and a light but real-estate is getting tight on your bars (besides the other Garmin options put the unit too close to the bars – that 2 inches is a big difference), problem solved and improved.



Everything is built with strict tolerances and made sure to work perfectly for time to come.  Stainless mounting screws are used to keep everything solid as can be and flush to keep things clean.IMG_9287


WoMo made sure to include a swivel mount so as allow you to position your devices as needed.  Such as below, making sure your Gamin is easy to read and your light or GoPro is aimed where it needs to be to.  This entire package keeps everything very clean and tidy on the bars.  Which is especially nice with all the new levers and buttons we have with seat post remotes and shocks on top of our brakes and shifters.  Prices start at $69 for the mount and individual device kits start at $19 and up.  Having had a few rides where my GoPro had moved, creating unusable video or my light suddenly pointed at the ground making for some interesting night riding – this mount was just the ticket to fix all that.  Plus it allows for more than just one device.





Final Thoughts

Ok so with the growing tech trends many of us ride or train with, this mount is a great improvement over not only factory mounts but also other 2nd party mounts on the market – PERIOD!   It is clean and simple yet puts the devices in locations that make more sense and easier to use.  All at the same time it makes things neater on your bars while letting you carry more than one device.  Price is fair compared to other options out there, but none we are aware of allow you to use more than one device  or are very specific.  Meaning you would have to purchase more than one main mount that is strictly dedicated to that particular device.  In the end it becomes quite expensive.  The WoMo is one main mount with individual lesser expensive mounts that are interchangeable, rending itself much less expensive in the end.  Clean, brilliant design.  So what do we gripe about – ok the only black color.  Sorry that is all we have.  Color is now in!  Would that stop us from making a decision at the local bike shop which one to buy…no never.  Always function of looks.  That said we hear from a little birdy things are in the works for colors coming soon.

WoMo mounts can be found at or

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