Project AM/Enduro: First Look at White Brothers Loop 150mm

White Brothers Loop 2

Project AM/Enduro we set out to create a bike that would be great as a daily trail bike, yet also be super competitive on the race circuit.  We looked at several fork options before settling on the White Brothers Loop.  This fork gives you the choice of running wither 26” or 27.5” wheels.  A bonus because we think we can stuff the bigger wheel in our Morewood Sukuma’s rear end, something we will play around with later.

The White Brothers Loop fork in the 26/27.5 model comes in at a reasonable 4.1 lbs and a price tag of $795.  This fork can be configured anywhere from 80mm all the way up to 150mm of travel from the factory, making this a fork that can fit within a variety of riding styles.  While some may say the fork’s 32mm stanchions are small compared to some other options on the market, the fork is still laterally stiff and tracks as good as anything else out there.

Some of the magic in the Loop comes from two of their innovative concepts.  Starting off with their QTaper15 axle system.  White Brothers claims with conical cones at each end of the axle, it creates a more solid interface between the axle and dropout/forkleg than other systems do.  This means less torsional rotation and a stronger bond overall.  Next comes the Aura damper, a magnetically controlled threshold valve that unlike a typical lockout, it uses a magnet in the valve to control compliance when set in its firm (theoretically locked out) stage.  With three levels of control, this fork gives you plush and reactive control when hitting large bumps as the magnet opens to let oil pass through.  So trail chatter and fork feedback are muted even in a lockout state, making the Loop a lively fork for trail riding or enduro racing.

Adjustments are handled with 7 detents of rebound and 8 detents of compression, three of which are handled within the Aura dampers magnetic threshold.  All located on the right fork leg.  Moving the the top of the left fork leg, under the blue cap is your adjustable air spring.  So over all not a lot going on, other than just what you need.

While this is not a set it and forget it fork, it’s damn close.  The trails I ride most are usually very rocky, fast and pointed down.  So the magnetic threshold gets used rarely.  However on those rides where I was able to make use of the Aura dampers magnetic valve, it worked awesome.  While it rides high and firm whether your climbing or sprinting giving you the control of a near rigid fork on the smooth or light chatter, the valve blasts open on larger hits making it plush.  So if you forget to open her up and you get surprised by a big rocky section, be prepared to be surprised with plush travel instead.  Which is great cause you will spend less time fidgeting with your fork and more time enjoying the trail.  We will have a long term review coming soon.  But the initial rides have left us feeling rather stoked on our choice for Project AM/Enduro.

  • PRICE – $795
  • WEIGHT – 4.1 lbs
  • TRAVEL – Ours – 150mm … offered in 80m, 100mm, 120mm, 130mm, 140mm, and 150mm
  • STANCHIONS – 32mm
  • SPRING – Air
  • STEER – 1 1/8” straight or 1 1/8” to 1.5” Tapered
  • AXLE – 15mm
  • COLORS – Black or White

For more information and a look into other products from White Brothers and their sister companies MRP, visit

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