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Gravity Gradient KitOur goal with Project AM/Enduro is to build a bike that is not only a stellar shredder on the trails, but also a ripper on the growing Enduro and Super D race scenes.  Gravity and Full Speed Ahead have stepped to the plate to help us with this project.  At Interbike we spoke with Mike over at Gravity Components and he had shown us the new Gradient Carbon kit.  Consisting of bars, stem, cranks and seat post as part of their growing line.  Once we had seen them we decided this would be a great addition to our next project bike.  Gravity, known for their solid lines for “Gravity” endorsed riding (no pun intended), had seen the market for the ever expanding market of AM and Enduro bikes and racing events.  After all these bikes are more likely to be found in more garages, homes and shops than any other bikes out there.  Seeing this Gravity saw the potential for the market of a light weight, yet strong line if components geared towards the adrenaline racer in all of us.  FSA jumped on board with their Oprbit Option headset allowing us to adjust the geometry to our liking.  They also supplied their Afterburner 2 x 10 crankset, since the  Gravity Gradient Carbon cranks were not ready yet.

Gravity Gradient Carbon Bars

At 31 inches wide, or 787mm wide our metric friends, the Gradient’s are some of the widest carbon bars out there.  These are still pre production so we have no final weight or price on them just yet.  But we can say that our speculation the production versions will fall a bit below their aluminum counterparts in weight and a bit more in the wallet.  The stem area has been coated with a textured surface to aid in gripping without having to use carbon paste.  Move out to the grip location and they have provided cut marks should you choose to narrow the bars from their 787mm width.  The feel of the bars is comfortable and familiar to others out there, again specs are not listed since this is a pre production model.

Gravity Grandient Bars:stem

Gravity Gradient Stem

The Gravity Gradient Stem is modeled after their Gravity Light stem with a different finish and a wicked cool carbon fiber faceplate to further reduce the weight.  For our purposes we went with a 60mm to keep our cockpit short and weight back on the bike as it is intended to be pointed downhill most of the time.  Ours came in at 137 grams which is a very respectable weight and finishes off with our carbon theme on this bike.

Gravity Gradien Stem

Gravity Gradient Carbon Seatpost

Gravity changed their head on their seatposts to a new leaner design to the seat clamping mechanism.  A low two bolt system that is ultra clean and sits well under the seat.  Ours came in at 256 grams for a 400mm post, which is not stellar but definitely respectable.  Aside from looking way cool, we are hoping the damping characteristics of the carbon post prove to take the edge off long seated climbs.

Gravity Gradient Post head

Gravity Thinline Grips

To complete our Gravity package we will be holding onto the new Thin grips.   They feature a carbon friendly lock on design and offer a unique tapered shape that is not too thick and not too thin.  In the package comes press in plugs for the handlebars.

Full Speed Ahead Afterburner Cranks

Since we are still waiting for the carbon cranks from the Gradient, we decided to go with the FSA Afterburner cranks.  These are a light weight crank that is offered in a four bolt 2×10 chainring set up that should prove perfect for our Project AM/Enduro.  On the Aferburners we chose the 36/22 gears to change things up and try different options for gearing.  Made from 7075 hollow forged alloy arms and 7075 spindle.  The aluminum chainrings are also made from 7075 for durability and light weight.  Plus they are both Shimano and Sram compatible.  Also part of out package is the press fit BB92 bottom bracket.  The wider press fit system has been a popular choice for many carbon road bikes for a while now and finally making its way towards mountain bikes.  For our Morewood Sukuma it offers a wider welding surface between the bottom bracket shell and the down tube allowing for a stiffer bottom end.

FSA Afterburner BB92

Full Speed Ahead Orbit Option Tapered Headset

We were already familiar with the FSA Orbit Option headset from our Project DH bike.  Since we were so stoked with its performance on Project DH, it was a no brainer for this project bike.  We also wanted to make this bike a bit more slack for our testing grounds at Bootleg Canyon.  This time ar0und we will be using a Tapered version and slacking the head angle out half a degree.  This should bring our bike to a more stable position during high speed descents and still be friendly on the climbs.  The Orbit Option does away with the gimble found in other designs and puts it right into the bearings.  The Orbit Option headset comes with three sets of cups to let you adjust your head angle either half a degree, one degree or one and a half degrees to suit your riding style.



Gravity’s Gradient kit is new, light and falls in at fair pricing for solid components made for gravity fed racing.  We are rather stoked on the finish, feel and weight of what Gravity has with the new Gradient line, and we plan on giving it a full punishment over the next several months.  The Afterburner cranks fall in at a very light weight as well at just 729 grams without the bearings.  Speaking of bearings, the press fit BB92 bottom bracket comes in at a svelte 71 grams.

Gradient Stem: $69.99

Gradient Bar: $119.99

Gradient Post: $119.99

Afterburner Cranks: $299.99

Orbit Option: $199.99


For more information on Gravity and Full Speed Ahead, be sure to find them at their websites or follow them on their FaceBook pages.

Gravity Components Facebook page

FullSpeedAhead Facebook page



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