Racer Spotlight: Dylan Unger

This months Racer Spotlight belongs to Dylan Unger.  While we would like to give a big introduction, he provided some awesome pics and a sick video that pretty much sums it up…. Enjoy!

One word for this ….. BRAPTT! (Photo By – Austin Pepin)

Video By Kyle Cox
MBS – Dylan how old are you?
Dylan – I am 16.

MBS – What class are you racing right now?
Dylan – Right now I am racing Junior expert.

MBS – What disipline’s are you competing in this year?
Dylan – This year I will be focusing on DH DS.

Black and Whites just really create such a statement! (Photo By – Austin Pepin)

MBS – You have a bunch of new sponsors and supporters, tell who has your back this season?
Dylan – KHS bicycles, Marzocchi suspension, Novatec wheels, HT components, SHIMANO, KALI protectives, WE ALL RIDE clothing, ODI grips, Fullerton Bike shop.


Dylan checking out his new KHS DH-300 with none other than “Q” Quinton Spaulding and “K” Kevin Aiello. (Photo By – Monique Spaulding/KHS)

MBS – Last year was pretty busy for you, what were 2011 acheivements?
Dylan – My 2011 race season went very well as my first acheivement was getting 6th place in the SRC winter series. it only got better as i ended up with a 4th place for the SRC overall. I also won dual slalom last year and a 9th place in DH at the Sea Otter Classic. to add on to that i got 9th place at U.S. National Championships in North Carolina. Closing out my 2011 race season i recieved 5th place at the Southridge Annual Challenge.

MBS – To get things started fast, what are your short term goals for 2012?
Dylan – 2012 is looking to be one of my best years of racing as a junior expert putting in some good results in the SRC winter series with a 3rd place last weekend. I am focusing on wrapping up another podium for the 2012 winter series.

MBS – Over the long haul, what are your long term goals for 2012?
Dylan – Some of my long term goals for 2012 is to get a top 3 in the SRC overall. I also hope to win again in dual slalom at the sea otter classic and to get a top 3 at this years US national champs. Lastly to top 5 overall in the new US grand prix of mountainbiking.


Local Fontana SRC race, and DU is PINNED! (Photo By – Called to Creation)

MBS – With the new sponsors comes new rig and team, tell us about your Bike and Setup.
Dylan – I am riding a 2012 KHS DH-300 size medium, setup with a Marzocchi 888 Ti fork and Marzocchi roco coil rear shock. Also setup with a Novatec Demon wheelset, Shimano saint components with XT brake system, ODI bars, stem and grips.

MBS – We all have parts on our bikes that stick out and are our favorites.  What are your favorite parts on your bike?
Dylan – Dont know where to start every part on this bike is absolutley amazing expecially the suspension setup with the new 2012 888s and roco coil. Also the Novatec Demon wheels are the best wheels i have ever ran, they are incredibly fast rolling and strong wheels. Stoked to be running this awesome setup.

Training grounds getting good use! (Photo By – Austin Pepin)

MBS – You have a few good strong companies standing behind you. Time to show so love man – Any special thanks you would like to give?
Dylan – I want to start off thanking god and my awesome family who has helped me excell in racing. And my 2012 sponsors KHS bicycles, Marzocchi suspension, Novatec wheels, SHIMANO, KALi protectives, WEALLRIDE clothing, and ODI grips who i cant thank enough for helping me out and hooking me up with the best stuff on the market!

Flatty McFatty on the big bike! (Photo By – Austin Pepin)

Dylan Unger

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