Racer Spotlight: Jaime DelTiempo

Sometimes we take things for granted and we need to remember  the little things that matter.  I have had the pleasure to ride and race against many different people of many different capabilities.  But sometimes it takes someone that must face the trail and life a little differently to make you truly appreciate it.

This racer spotlight is featuring a racer that has been racing Downhill and now 4X with a disability.  I have had the pleasure of racing 4X against this young man and seeing first hand some of the challenges he faces.  You see Jaime DelTiempo is deaf.  Imagine sitting in the starting gate waiting for the cadence to start “Riders Ready…..watch the gate …..beep beep beep beep”  Just imagine doing this and  …… nothing….silence.  You need to feel every moment, watch each rider through the corners of your eyes.  Hoping to only time your snap with the rest for a decent start.  We have given him the opportunity to have a visual countdown at the gate, but that only helps so much…..Jaime does most of it on his own, and is not slouch out of the gate.

Here are a few things I asked Jaime about

1. What challenges has being hearing impaired brought you while riding or racing?

Jaime – You know how most people say, you gotta hear this, that, etc to know what is wrong, and your balancing (body wise). Therefor, my whole body takes advantge of that, it feels everything under me using other senses. And as for balancing, its same thing. My body feels the weight distrubtion. It is hard to explain.

2. Have you been impaired since birth or could you hear before?

Jaime – I was born hearing, had spinal menigitis at mid-late 3 years old. I knew what it was like to hear before, it takes advantage of me changing my senses to replace what was loss.

3. Do you think it changes the way you ride compared to if you could hear?

Jaime – I wouldnt know what to answer that, if I could hear again to tell the difference.

4. What would you like to tell others about your disability?

Jaime – Uhmm, that people should not judge someone with disablitiy. Because everyone is! Just have to work hard on it if you really want to do something you see yourself doing. One word I learned from a sucessful person, NEVER GIVE UP.

5. If there is anything you could change about ANYTHING in your riding what would it be?

Jaime – It would proabaly be young again and ride fast like I used to in my early 20s. hahaha. Well now that im 35, I am just trying to be careful and at the same time being in top 10.

6. What does your training program look like?

Jaime – Training program, would be pump track, and good aggrestive all mountain rides on short travel bike.

7. What is your secret behind your awesome gate starts?

Jaime – Gates on 4x racing, top secret! Haha jk I watch the gate guy press the button and typically it takes 7 seconds to open. In my head counting to 7 thousand.

1 – Age  –   35

2 – Class  – Sport / Cat 2

3 – Racing Disipline (DH,4X,SD….)  – DH, 4X

4 – Sponsors – ONE Industries, SIXSIXONE, Globe Shoes, Utopia Optics, Azonic USA, GoPro, Hayes Bicycle Group, Leatt Brace

5 – What were 2011′s achievements  – I started racing in 2009, after 10 years being off saddle. It felt great to be back on downhill bike, and racing. in 2010 was doing better, finished 7th overall. 2011 I started 4x racing little late in the season end up 3rd overall.

6 – Short term goals for 2012  – Try to get in top five, ride more, and racing district 37 AMA eundro desert series.

7 – Long term goals for 2012 – To be at podiums more often, and keep my great sponsors.

8 – Bike and setup – 2009 Giant Glory DH, 08 Boxxer World Cup air, Fox 5.0 rear shock, Azonic Outlaw wheels, Hayes ace stroker disc brakes, sunline 745 bars and stem, sram x9 gear system. 2009 Giant STP ss, sunsor dirt jumper fork, Azonic Outlaw wheels, SRAM x9, sunline 745 bars, AZONIC stem. All my bikes run on MAXXIS tires, they rock!

Photo by Mike Lord

9 – Favorite parts – ONE industries riding gear, BOXXER fork, and GIANT bike frames (theyre so durable!)

10 – Any special thanks you want to give – Everyone at Southridge USA for welcoming me into racing and work it out since I am hearing impaired (Deaf), Neil and Traci Adams for welcoming me and getting me into sponsor with ONE, and countiue with 661, David Hardwick for being great racing buddy until he retired, Craig Harvey for supporting, Anthony and Grayson Sanchez for some local rides as well as shuttling around Lake smell – LOL, and all of my sponsors that keep me sponsored through 3 years now.

Photo by Mike Lord

Below is an awesome sequence of Jaime narrowly plowing into a spectacular crash.

Here the crash has already entered into the catastrophic fall of one rider about to take down two more - photo by Mike Lord

As rider number two makes contact with the ground Jaime navigates swiftly to avoid becoming wrapped up in this mess - photo by Mike Lord

Rolling and fumbling racers make Jaime to be forced up the berm - photo by Mike Lord

As the carnage finally concludes, Jaime's narrow escape is over and he can now concentrate on his next move - photo by Mike Lord

On the gas, Jaime lays down the throttle ….brapt - photo by Mike Lord

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