Racer Spotlight: Tyler Krenek

Todays young guns are progressing at levels way beyond what they were 10 years ago.  This Racer Spotlight is to show you who is gonna be charging for the top spot of every podium he visits.  Tyler Krenek has a pretty solid roots in BMX, but that was not enough.  He has stepped up to the bigger wheels and is gonna be killing it every chance he gets.  Last year I brought Tyler along with me to one of James Wilsons of MTB Strength Training Systems training clinics, and we began what has turned into a focused and determined ripper.  Tyler Krenek’s large support group that stands behind him is proof in his abilities and skill that others see in him as well.  So if you are on the mountain … keep an eye out for this kid.  

 Check out Tyler Krenek’s SPOTLIGHT!


MBS – Tyler how old are you?

TK I am 15 right now.

MBS – Where is the place you call home?

TKMy parents, little brother and I live in Tucson Arizona

MBS – So man what level are you racing at?

TK I am currently racing CAT 1 in the 15-18 age group.

MBS – What disciplines are you focused on right now?

TKDownhill primarily but also dual slalom and some 4x.

MBS – Sponsors and supporters, tell who has your back this season?   

TKHere is the list of companies who support and sponsor me.

MBS – So what were 2011/2012 achievements?
TK 2011 was my first year riding mountain bikes so i was just having fun.  My achievements for 2011 were when I won the Predator night race in Fontana, as well as making the top spot on the podium a MSC race in Telluride and turning Junior Expert.  For 2012 achievements were when I got a 7th at the Sea Otter Classic race, a 9th place at Crested Butte MSC race,  a couple top 10′s on the SRC races, and a second in CAT 1 15-18 dual slalom event in Angel Fire.
MBS  – What are your short term goals for 2012/2013?
TKMy short term goals for 2013 are to podium at the downhill and duals slalom events and to get my new prototype Supercross downhill rigs dialed in and into production.
MBS – What are your long term goals for 2013?
TKMy long term goals for 2013 are to keep progressing.  Continue solid performances in the Fontana series as well as get a stars and strips jersey next year at Angel Fire.  I would love to go experience a world cup event.  While I am still to young to race a world cup event at this time, it would be an awesome experience to ride at that level on a true World Cup course. Another long term goal for me is to pro in dual slalom.  I’ve had close times to pro times this year in dual slalom.  I know i can get the results i want next year. Without all my support with my sponsors and my family I could not do this without them.
MBS – Bike Set ups, tell us about your bikes?  
TK –  Downhill – Supercross prototype frame large, Supercross seat, Fox 40 forks, Manitou revox shox, 300 pound RCS Ti spring, Profile elite hubs, mavic ex823 rims, ITS invader 2.5 and 2.3 tires, Cane Creek angleset, Thomson seat post, Shimano brakes, shifter, derailleur, cranks 165mm, EThirteen SRS+ chain guide, ODI bars 775mm, stem 50mm, ruffian MX grips.

Dual Slalom/4X – Supercross Propel frame large, Supercross seat, X-Fusion Velour fork, ROCO Air lo  shox, Profile Elite hubs and cranks 175mm, Speedline headset, Speedline seat clamp, Alienation black sheep rims, Shimano Saint shifter and derailleur, Avid Code brakes, ITS System 4 2.25 tires, MRP G2 chain guide, ODI stem 50mm, 750mm bars, Ruffian MX grips.
MBS – We all have parts on our bikes that stick out and are our favorites. What are your favorite parts on your bike?
TK – Dang dude it’s hard to say both of my bikes are amazing!  Both of my Supercross frames are awesome super light and stiff.  I love the sound of my Profile Elite hubs and super fast engagement.  Honestly just super nice stuff that is made in the USA!  I am pretty stoked on my ODI flight control series bars also.  They have a really good bend and  feel that seems to feel the way I think a bar should feel. 
MBS – You have a few good strong companies and some other awesome people standing behind you.  Time to show so love man – Any special thanks you would like to give?
TKThis one might take a while I’ve had so many people help and support me over the years.   
My DAD and my Family, Cody ”The Cobra” Freels, Bill Ryan at Supercross BMX, Gus at Profile Racing, Ray at Fly Racing, Colby at Odi, My trainer James Wilson from Mountain Bike Training Systems, Chad Roberts from Shimano, Shannon at Vans, Chris Han at ITS Tyre Systems, Blake Carney, Gene Hamilton from Better Ride Clinics, Steve Spencer and Chris Hopwood from GT Bicycles, Steve Gray from SORAD, Ian Cook from MyBikeStand, Scott from Broadway bikes, Ben chandler at Ben’s Bikes, Greg Minnaar for all the professional advice he’s given me, Rich Housman, Donny Jackson from Southridge USA, Jackie and  Dante Harmony, The Curtis household, the Holmes family, and of course Dylan, Jeff, and Cathy Unger.
 All photo credit goes to Jasen Krenek of MJT designs.


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