RIDE PINK, the Downhill for Breast Cancer Project

Welcome to RIDE PINK, the Downhill for Breast Cancer project.
In 2012 “Downhill for Breast Cancer” was created with the aim of raising awareness around early detection of Breast Cancer, educating the youth of our sport about prevention and the huge increase of survival percentage it can result in.

Now in 2016 and in association with The Keep A Breast Foundation we bring you RIDE PINK – the Downhill For Breast Cancer Project!

Breast Cancer is a very hard reality for many families to deal with under any circumstances and it is a very hard topic for many of us to talk about openly. This is where we hope to make a huge difference!

We believe that helping people to feel more comfortable about both discussion of the topic with their families and going for check ups is key! Many people affected find it hard to discuss for numerous reasons and many feel embraced or self-conscious about going for check ups or getting educated.

With the RIDE PINK project we are hoping to show the youth involved in the sport that it is okay to talk about these things and create a different mindset for the next generations. Not only this, but we also hope to make it easier for their parents to discuss the topic with them now and help them become educated on prevention and early detection. It can make all the difference to how a family deals with the situation and the end result!

This is not just limited to the youth involved in the sport of downhill – People everywhere can always benefit from seeing others stand up and make a difference, this essentially makes it easier for them to stand up and do the same.

People involved in this project still have their loved ones due to early detection, prevention and education! We want to ensure that as many other people who may be affected can share the same positive outcome!

Help us make a difference by supporting!

Because of our amazing sponsors and their support, we are able to donate 100% of all our fundraising efforts directly to an organization that we feel is most deserving! We have put a huge amount of effort into selecting a foundation that fits with our goals/mission and what we want to achieve with the RIDE PINK project. After a lot of research and thought, we have finally found a foundation that is truly amazing and aligns perfectly with everything RIDE PINK was created to achieve.
It is with great excitement and integrity that we proudly announce our
partnership with The Keep A Breast Foundation!

In a world, where 1 in 8 women will be affected by breast cancer in their lifetime…Keep A Breast Foundation is here to help young people lower their risk of breast cancer! The statistics really are kind of crazy to think about; it can even be a little scary. But it doesn’t have to be that way for you and the community around you.

The Keep A Breast Foundation has always believed that art heals, education empowers, awareness inspires and action transforms lives!
This is why; from the 5th of November 2016, RIDE PINK have chosen The Keep A Breast Foundation to be the official organization that we dedicate all of our support to, Donate all of our fundraising efforts to and gain awareness for

RIDE PINK and Keep A Breast share the same mission and strive to achieve the same outcome – so choosing The Keep A Breast Foundation, as our official organization to support was an easy decision to say the least!

Many of you will be familiar with their “I Love Boobies” branding and many of you will have seen their collaborations with awesome brands like SPY Optics and DC Shoes! Many of you will also be familiar with the number amazing art projects and events that they run every year to support their mission and raise awareness around Prevention, Early Detection, Support, Breast health education and increasing the odds of beating Breast Cancer!
Please help us support Keep A Breast in their cause by donating directly to their cause through the Official RIDE PINK x Keep A Breast fundraising page (link below)


Keep A Breast is a non-profit organization with a mission to empower young people around the world with breast health education and support.

Check out Keep A Breast’s Website to keep up to date with all the amazing projects they have on the go and follow them on Facebook for the daily updates of all the goodness you need to keep yourself educated and breast cancer free!

Keep A Breast Website – Click Here

Keep A Breast Facebook – Click Here

Founder Jase Connor – Click Here

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