Rotec Cycles is BACK!

Have you ever heard of Rotec Cycles?  Well your about to.  We have watched this with some pretty great anticipation.  Rotec Cycles is far from a new company.  In fact they used to have some of the raddest Lawwill suspension bikes in the days of yore.  Well bringing things up to date and restoring the glory of the past in new shiny bikes that WORK, Rotec is BACK!   So the guys over at Rotec wanted to share with us their first of four bikes coming to market.  Here is what they have to say:


After much anticipation, we can confirm that Rotec’s heavy hitting entry into the All Mountain arena is here! The REVERT 5.o is now available for order.

Not only does the Revert destroy any gravity styled trail from enduro to flowy jump lines, but the geometry of this new frame is super responsive on any park styled course with our responsive Concentric BB based “SPP” (Shared Pivot Point) suspension system making the rear wheel tracking and overall handling truly superb. Not to mention the Peddling efficiency is unbelievable with the matching of X-Fusions Vector air HLR rear shock.

This extremely comfortable and stable bike re defines fun on two wheels whilst being at the panicle of all mountain competition! Not to mention with its perfectly balanced cockpit and amazing centre of gravity, it floats over the biggest jumps and obstacles like it has an auto pilot function!


Compatible with a 27.5”or 26” wheelbase you can truly build this frame up to suit you right down to the roughest terrain you can find!


Whilst going through testing we have had huge feedback regarding the frames lightness and handling.

The rear end is amazingly stiff making cornering feel like you are locked into a rail-guided machine!


Keep an eye out for the new Revert prototypes floating around the local trails as our factory pilots show just what these new bikes are designed for!

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