SwiftWick Pursuit Compression Socks

pursuit sock - swiftwickSwiftwicks logo says “do what moves you”.  It goes without saying, most of us would have a hard time riding epic adventures if we didn’t take care of the unsung hero in our long rides.  That’s right I am talking about your feet.  We as a community of cyclists have come to not only look at socks as fashion, but something as an enhancement to our riding.  While long tube socks with big fat stripes pulled to our knees while wearing cut off jeans turned shorts has been shunned from the world of mountain biking since the 80’s.  It is a realization what a good pair of socks can do for a ride.

We have had Swiftwicks Pursuit socks in our ride kit for a while now.  Made in the USA, they come int 6 height styles to accommodate those that like bare ankles to those that like some calf coverage.  Price ranging from $16 – $35 depending on size/height.  Constructed from Merino wool in a 200 needle tight weave for compression, it also features a seamless toe.  Making the Pursuit one comfy sock that is still cool in the summer and warm on chilly days.   Their managed compression is said to reduce swelling and improve circulation.

So how does it fit?  How does it last?  Does it attract odor?  In short it, great, great and no.  Fit – come on it is a sock, how hard can it be to get a sock to fit well?  Ok well I am pretty sure there is more to it than that.  What I can say is the seamless toe makes a shoe that much more comfortable without the bunching of material meeting together at the end of your toes tied together in a cruel manner only taking up space.  The Pursuit is solid quality throughout.  Durability – I ride hard everyday, is this sock going to last?  For a short durability test I chose to use these socks exclusively for the last month (yes they were washed between rides, you sicko) with the intent of getting as much ride time as possible in them.  So maybe a few months worth of riding (since most of us change our socks a few times between rides) in this simulated test period has proven they hold up rather well.  The socks still have their same shape and compression characteristics as the day we received them.  Odor – I have the stinkiest feet on the planet, how are these socks different?  Ok so here is an issue I have with many cotton socks.  The poor wicking makes your feet sweat.  Sweaty feet make for wet socks.  We socks equals some stinky feet for the end of a ride.  One of the best features of Merino wool is its wicking ability.  Even on hot desert rides, it seems my feet are less sweaty.  Siftwicks antimicrobial materials do their best at wicking away moisture.  What does dryer feet mean.  Less opportunity for odor.

Lastly on a side note is its compression ability.  I suffer from some pretty wicked high foot arches.  While proper shoes and insoles go a long way, a pair of GOOD compression socks can only enhance good shoes and insoles.  In a stash of about 20 pairs of socks I only have one other pair of compression socks.  That were unfortunately not as durable as the Swiftwicks.  That said, it is a wonder I don’t have more compression socks, especially after wearing these so much.


 For more information on Swiftwicks Pursuit, visit their website at www.swiftwick.com

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