Eliminating Fox 5 Piece Hardware Click

Tweet BikeCo.com’s @JoeBinatena walks through eliminating clicks in the modern Fox 5 piece hardware. (Joe apologizes for his voice — he left it on the plane back from France working with Lapierre earlier this month!) The new Fox 5 piece hardware is designed to provide significantly longer lifespan than the previous DU system. What riders […]

LOOK S-Track Pedal Review by @thebikecompany

Tweet LOOK S-Track Pedals The new LOOK mountain pedals have found quite the home among BikeCo’s staff.  From Cross Country to All Mountain the LOOK S-Track pedals’ performance was put to the test and came back with glowing reviews. Don’t let the simple appearance fool you – the more I rode the LOOK pedals the […]

Eliminating Hard to Diagnose Creaks In Suspension MTB

Tweet Check out this series of videos aimed to diagnose hard to find creaks with @joebinatena from BikeCo.com. Updated 10/2 with Ibis Ripley Yoke Isolator video 10/1/13 Video #1 addresses Grease Press versus Bearing Retainer. This is the first in a series of videos touching on locating and theories on addressing mystery creaks. 10/2/13 Video […]

First Look Lapierre CycloCross Carbon @thebikecompany

Tweet 9/23/13 Video Update: Lapierre’s 2014 Carbon CycloCross Rig is turning industry and consumer heads.  With more and more MTB riders looking for new ways to train, new trails to explore, the occasional ride with their road friends – cyclocross bikes offer a type of fun that’s hard to quantify.  Pumping the trail, drifting through […]

Why Your First Mountain Bike Should Be A…

Tweet Why Your First Mountain Bike Should Be A… what you should know from the worldwide leader in top tier custom MTB. New Vs. Used: As a retailer you know which way we lean.  I am going to keep this clinical here – these are the facts to consider. MTB component warranties seldom transfer to […]

Kevin Aiello Signature HT Pedals

Tweet BikeCo Pro Rider Kevin Aiello’s signature HT pedal has arrived. BikeCo owner @JoeBinatena reviews the highlights of the design with Kevin. What was on the white board as a 60-90 second quick introduction ended up being nearly thirty minutes of flat pedal design clinic! At some point we just set the cameras down and […]

@X-FusionShox UniCrown Pics from @thebikecompany

Tweet Enjoy these photos of one of the latest technologies released by X-Fusion Shox – the one piece UniCrown. Any rider who has suffered through a creaky crown will instantly appreciate the single piece concept. (disclaimer if you have a creaky crown it needs to be addressed – it will eventually have a failure) As […]

Figuring the Numbers – MTB Frame Geometry w/ @thebikecompany

Tweet With increasing frequency we are asked to relay frame geometry data as finite, singular, almost as though it is gospel carved in ancient stone. Ideal MTB geometry certainly sits in a window – however some manufacturers seem overly committed to hitting a “magic” number on each of their published dimensions. Recently we had a […]

Hub Strength: get it, and keep it, in gear

Tweet Mountain bike product is constantly evolving – top tier manufacturers and retailers alike work hard to maintain product application relevance.  In the past few years we have paired 3x, 2x and 1x with 9, 10 and 11 speed cassettes. The introduction of 10 and 11 speed systems and the additional strain they apply has […]

27.5″ Ibis HDR – 153mm & 147mm travel options from @thebikecompany BikeCo.com

Tweet Ibis HDR: 2 Limbo Chips, 5 travel settings, Multiple Personality! 130mm 27.5”, 147mm Long Shock 27.5”, 147mm Short Shock 27.5”, 153mm 27.5”, & 160mm 26” Countless threads are winding around the internet touching on the new DW link Ibis HDR’s stock travel configuration.  Ibis Cycles offers the frame 160mm with 26” limbo chips and […]

Concussed. Nate from @thebikecompany discusses symptoms and recovery

Tweet My left grip touched the ground and I knew what was happening, I felt its beginnings and I understood its end.  My bike, my left hip and my left bar found the dirt at speed – my upper body was cocked to the right and I braced for the inevitable. The next day I […]

Ibis HDR Pics & Video from @thebikecompany featuring @brianlopes

Tweet Click to view Video! Ibis HDR – Revised, Race, Ready. The DW suspension carbon fiber boys from Northern California have thrown their hat into the ring of 27.5”, Enduro Race style chassis. The Ibis HDR is the evolution of the game changing HD. A revised carbon layup and spec the HDR frame cuts approximately […]

The Risk of the Wrong, Reward of the Right Rim by @thebikecompany

Tweet As the direct interface with the tire your rim choice plays a critical performance role on trail.  Here is a crash course on what to assess on a rim purchase. Tubeless Interface– At this point tubeless performance is a must have requirement for top level mountain bikes.  UST, reinforced, or skin wall – all […]

Headset Adjustment by BikeCo’s @JoeBinatena

Tweet Modern mountain bikes have a variety of bearing systems all which require proper installation and maintenance.  Watch BikeCo owner and world class mechanic Joe Binatena walk you through isolating and correcting a loose headset. Loose headset interface will lead to premature wear on frame and fork assembly.  Carbon fiber frames should only run top […]

When Custom is CUSTOM

Tweet The Bike Company was recently approached by a client with a very specific set of goals for his latest build up.  After a comprehensive consultation on application, rider skill set, and aspiration BikeCo found that there wasn’t an off the shelf option.  No problem.  We took an Ibis Tranny frame and went off. You […]

Sea Otter Display Bikes by BikeCo.com

Tweet Not able to get to Sea Otter this year?  The Bike Company wanted to share images of two show bikes that we are sending out with our friends from HT Pedals, Rove Headsets, and Novatec Wheels.   Both are Ibis HD 27.5” conversions, utilizing BikeCo CustomMTB Suspension rear shocks, Novatec Diablo wheels, Magura revised […]

Santa Cruz Bronson – No April Fool

Tweet In the tradition of Santa Cruz Bicycles April 1 launches details of the Bronson are available today. The Santa Cruz Bronson platform sets the bar for factory supported all mountain 27.5” bicycles.  The Bronson wasn’t rushed into production like many of the competition’s 27.5” offerings, rather designed, diagnosed, and developed.  Santa Cruz’ attention to […]

Responsibility of Recording – A Point of View on Point of View Cameras

Tweet BikeCo MediaWorks is supported by GoPro Cameras.  We take great pride in our positive partnerships throughout the MTB industry.  One responsibility of a quality partnership is being aware of community concerns.  It has been brought to my attention a growing negative public view regarding the behavior of Point of View camera operators.  I will […]

Headfirst into the deep end of bike spec.

Tweet On trail performance of mountain bikes is advertised as a sum of the total components.  That is to say if we assigned a max value of 10 to each component in your cockpit the equation would be: Handlebar 10 + Stem 10 + Headset spacing 10 + Grips 10 = 40 Total A handlebar […]

Fox DOSS Seatpost Extended Test Ride

Tweet I enjoy riding mountain bikes to clear my head and enjoy the ever varying features of the trail.   The less I am focused on my bike’s performance the more pleasurable my ride experience is.  I have a component featured on my build which I never think about.  That is to say it doesn’t slip, […]

Beat the Creak

Tweet   Whether you’re rocking a brand new rig or something with a few years on the trail very few things are more annoying than mystery creaks. Isolating your creak is the first step.  This is often difficult while riding as your pedals, saddle and handlebars are your input sources while your creak may be […]

Pivot Carbon 5.7 650b

Tweet   Pivot Carbon 5.7 650b Convert Let’s start with what leads you to shop 650b converts – performance and availability. What about 650b production bikes?  Yes there are 650b production rigs.  Most of the early release chassis were banking on sales from simply existing.  There is a staggering amount of research, design, development, and […]

Carbon Devinci Atlas 29 First Ride

Tweet Devinci Atlas 29” Carbon First Ride                 The guy’s at Devinci were good enough to give us a crack at their prototype Carbon Atlas 29”.  In standard BikeCo fashion we took what they dropped off, rode it, swapped it, rode it, tuned it, and rode it some more.                  The Atlas has 110mm of […]

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